I’ve been drawing so much in the past three days that I’ve had to tape my fingers. The pen is rubbing through my calluses.

Maybe this wouldn’t happen if I had learned to hold my pen correctly like all my elementary school teachers tried to make me do.


Momiji my heartbreaking nonheteronormative baby bunny.

Furuba redraw in my style. I could never do Natsuki Takaya justice but it’s a tribute anyway. I can’t express enough how much this series influenced my art for a good long while, and the way I see other people and their problems.

I mean it just tackles the big issues right off. Love, loss, death, family constructs, the importance of found family, bullying. Parental neglect and abandonment. Suicide. Mental health. Physical health.


Growing as a person.

It’s not perfect by any means, but it was very influential on me as a young teen. I connected strongly with Rin and with Honda Kyoko. And looking back on it now, after I’ve had some life experiences that now (unfortunately) mirror theirs, the connection is perhaps even stronger.


I was in the emergency room on Sunday because I had a mental break. Kaylie found me comatose, wandering in the street outside work and I ended up losing a few hours of memory.

I keep trying to write about it, but every time I do I seem to just draw nonsense instead.

Maybe eventually I’ll be able to broach the subject. Maybe it’s just too soon. Maybe I’m not in a stable or safe enough place, mentally or otherwise, yet.

I’m moving from my old apartment in with Kaylie’s mother, and there was a bit of time in there where the potential for me to wind up homeless was pretty high. For an agoraphobic person, well. You can see how that would cause some mild stress.